Australian Critters


This site is about Australian wildlife, and particularly the density of species to be found in urban environments. Most people have no idea just how many insects are around us all the time.

All of the "Garden Critters" photos were taken in and around a house I lived in on ½ acre in Kelmscott, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Although not a bush block I planted many native plants, leading to regular visits by insects, spiders, birds, and now bandicoots, possums and even an echidna.

I have now moved to the Launceston, Tasmania, suburb of Norwood and have started documenting the animals living in and around the nearby Carr Villa Flora Reserve. You'll find these photos in the "Flora Reserve Critters" section. Since this is my own citizen science project I get to set the rules, so I have decided that an animal meets the criteria for inclusion if it:

Almost every time I look, I find at least one new species, & I try to photograph them all. My first priority when I see a new species is to get a photo before it gets away. The second priority is to get a good photo. This means that some photos in this gallery aren't great, but each time I take a better photo of a particular species I replace the dodgy old photo with a good one. Click the links above to see the photos.

Try this at your own place - you'll be surprised how many critters you find!


Larena Woodmore